The 5 Best Content Management Systems for the Web

1 – WordPress

Wordpress-logoWordPress is the absolute daddy and wins hands down on most arguments.  It was originally created as a blogging platform but soon became an amazing tool for creating websites.  It is now the most used CMS for websites in the world.

With an easy to use intuitive back-end you are easily able to add new themes to style your website.  There are thousands of free plugins that will give your website extra functionality at the click of a button.

2 – Joomla

Joomla_LogoJoomla is also a great CMS platform with a huge library of themes and plugins.  Joomla developers tend to more expensive that WordPress developers however mainly down to the increase in development tie using Joomla.  Joomla tends to be used more commercially than WordPress.

3 – Drupal

drupal-logoDrupal is by the far most technical of them all. It is used widely large corporations due to its scalability.  It is often used as an information portal but can just as easily run Ecommerce websites.

4 – CMS Made Simple

cms-madesimple-logoCMS Made Simple is great for the beginner as it is the simplest of them for creating your website. It is limited in what extensions you can add but the pay off is its simplicity.

5 – Impress CMS

impresscms_logoWith only a 0.1% share of the market this CMS is still a great tool for building websites.  You can create huge websites that cater for thousands of members or even just a small brochure website.