How to Market Your Website Easily

Getting traffic to your website can be one of the hardest and painstakingly annoying jobs as a website owner.  You have to learn so much about search engine optimisation ( SEO ), keywords, title tags, to name just a few.  For some website owners it is a really daunting task and some fail to do any marketing at all in the hope they will magically get some traffic somewhere.

Well the good news is that there are some very easy ways to increase your website’s ranking and start getting some great organic traffic.

In this guide will will cover:

  • Long Keyword Phrases
  • Content, content, content
  • Images
  • Eye Candy Titles
  • Importance of Internal Links
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Helpful Hacks for Content Marketing
  • What are my Competitors Doing?

Long Keyword Phrases

These are also known as long tail keywords.  The more words that a user types into a search engine the more specific the results will be.  For instance, if I typed plumber then I’d receive results on plumbing techniques, plumbing videos, plumber’s websites, plumbing images, etc.  However, if I typed bathroom plumber in South East London, then I would get the results that i want.  You will probably get the majority of your traffic from these long keyword phrases because the shorter ones will be very well ranked for by some very tough competitors.

This works when searching for products too.  Say you were looking for a Samsung Smart TV.  Typing this into google would give you a lot of results from your main competitors.  However, if you put extra information into the keyword phrase then you are narrowing it down even further and fewer results will be displayed.  To your advantage you can then write content with these long keyword phrases in mind.  If you do a simply google you will get a selection of related keywordd at the bottom of the page.


You could start by making sure your content includes some of these keyword phrases.

You can also use the Keyword Tool that is part of Google Adword. If you don’t already have an account then simply set one up for free with no obligation. Keyword Tool

Here you can type in the keyword you are listing for and then see what Google suggests.  This is an amazing tool for looking at search volume.  With this knowledge you can best plan which keywords to concentrate on.  There is no point in concentrating on a particular keyword phrase if there is very low search traffic,

Content, content, content

Any SEO expert worth his salt will tell you the most important thing for getting traffic is having good content.  They usually recommend that you have at least 500 words per page.  However, this is useless if the content has no real value. If you are waffling on about how nice something is giving your watered down opinion then it is a little value to a reader.  Google’s search algorithm is now clever enough to work out whether a user reading your content is likely to find the information useful and not just some thrown together article stuffed with your favourite keywords.

For example, let;s go back to the TV’s.  An article on the best features on the latest Smart TV’s is going to have good traffic juice. People are more likely to read it than an article on why you should buy a Smart TV.

5 Articles reviewing 5 different smart TV’s is also going to have great link juice.

Important: Always create unique content. If you need to copy and paste from elsewhere then make sure that it takes up less than 20% of your total page content.


One of the biggest missed opportunities is adding alt attribute to your images.  Google uses the alt tag to rate the importance of images against the page content.  If you have a page about Samsung 40 ” Smart TV then you should include this alt attribute in your image tag.

Eye Candy Titles

When you scan down google’s search results we are drawn to eye catching titles.  If you searched for latest smart phones you will see lots of the same kind of results.  The one result I was drawn to had the title “The Best Smart Phones to look forward to in 2015”.  This looks like an interesting article.  By creating a great article with a catchy title you will automatically get tons more traffic.  Just be sure to include offers and other good link on this page to the rest of your website.

Eye Candy Titles

Importance of Internal Links

Most people concentrate on linking to their website pages from elsewhere on the web.  Although this is very important it can take a lot of time and effort.  Your first job should be to get make sure you are linking to your own content from with your own website.  By linking a great article on your website to a product page will increase the ranking of the product page and thus push it up the google rankings.

Use an SEO tool like https://majestic.com or to explore your internal links.  Find out page authority and point the pages with high page authority to pages with less authority.

Pay Per Click Marketing

This is actually going to cost  you money but it is such a good way of testing the market.  If you setup an Adwords campaign you will see straight away what the competition is like for a whole set of keywords that google recommends.  Ignore the expensive ones as these are the ones that most of your competitors will be using.  Find some that have less traffic and that aren’t too expensive.  Then run your campaign with a daily budget for a few weeks and see which of the long keyword phrases got you most traffic.  I have a keyword phrases that get me hardly any traffic but when the ads gets clicked it costs me next to nothing and the traffic is usually looking for exactly what my page is offering.

Helpful Hacks for Content Marketing

There are literally hundreds of little tweaks and hacks that can help you get ranked higher, some of them I have mentioned in this article.  Your best tool in the world of website marketing is google.  There are literally hundreds of articles on website marketing all with their own unique ideas.  So get on google and start doing some research.

If time is of the essence then you could purchase a book that concentrates on the best and easiest website marketing techniques.  I recommend this one to all my new clients.  It’s on its 3rd edition so you know it’s up to date with the latest google changes.

How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote & Market Your Business or Website

What Are My Competitors Doing?

Lastly, I can’t urge you enough to research your competitors and see what they are doing.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What articles do they have?
  • What’s the most eye catching part of their website?
  • Do their web pages look stylish?
  • Do they have any videos?
  • Where are they getting their backlinks?
  • Why are they above me in Google?

These and more important questions are also in the book.
How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote & Market Your Business or Website

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All the best with your quest!